sexta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2006

Daughter Of Darkness, another reason for condom!

Act 1:
Do not worry my dear, it s going to be just fine, I hope
You shouldn’t blame yourself it wasn’t your fault
Ooh it’s the first time for me too you know
And I am just as nervous and afraid as you are so just hold my hand and we make it together as always
She pushed and she pushed but the baby was stead fast
I passed out when she needed me the most no omen or vision beats a women’s intuition
When her motherly instinct is on but what if
Will be like in "Rosemary’s Baby" a monster freak or a beast
Awoke as I screamed from my blood curling dream
Oh God help me, what have I done I have a feeling there’s something wrong
I could have swore I heard an angel sigh
Some force don’t want this child to be born I dreamt of a raven, could that have been an omen
We who sailed the seventh seas of rhye nonchalantly
I thought that nothing could ever stop us I would do anything, anything for you wish there was something I could do
Ooh Vampirella

Act 2:
"I want you to know that whatever, however, whoever this turns out you should know that I’ve always loved you, and I promised you a son, didn’t I?
So listen carefully, I feel I can’t go on much longer please let me finish, I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t for real, I don’t have much time left"

The baby is stillborn lay quiet and still through the storm hear the howling of wolves…
I look at my love who’s grown weaker and weaker our love child becomes her death now something connects them like glowing magnetism it’s a transmigration of souls then deafening silence
It kind of froze for a moment like the entire world held it’s (breath)
Why did it had to be this way at first I felt such anger that I
Couldn’t look at her, I rushed up the stairs to the pinnacles top
My lady is dead, you newborn murderess, there held the bundle high
Overhead unto the wind, only thunder gods witness
My daughter was baptized in the rain of memory of her mother I gave her the name... VAMPIRELLA!

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Rosa disse...

Este post deixou-me muito intrigada.
O que quer realmente dizer????
Tu não tens andado muito bem ultimemente..........Estou a ficar preocupada contigo.