terça-feira, 3 de março de 2009

Há músicas nostálgicas...

There is a feeling deep inside
as dreary as a winternight
It darkens all my pride
and drives away the light
There is a feeling in my soul
it feels marooned and far too cold
I stand alone to face the wheel of time unfold

Darkness falls inside of me
and the sorrow's growing day by day
And though my life's a broken memory
there's a door and there's a key
Sorrow comes with silent tears
and the dawn still haunts my darkest fears
What have we both become throughout these years
There's a serpent in all tears

There is a river in my dreams
that runs so wide, that runs so deep
And by its riverine
I still can hear you weep
There is a winter in my heart
so freezing cold and utter dark
It keeps me down and tears my sanity apart

Sirenia - The 13th Floor - Winterborn 77 - 2008

2 comentários:

Formiguita Bipolar disse...

Olha quem está vivo!


Afonso Sade disse...

Mais ou menos... a ver se arranjo tempo para deixar comentários espalhados por essa bloggosfera.