sábado, 5 de julho de 2008

Consider this: The True Meaning of Love

Can I trust you, mortal girl?
You say, you love me - oh, sure you do - ,
but what exactly does this affirmation mean?
I do not have the slightest notion,
no idea of what you understand by “love”
and other terms as worn-out
such as this old song and dance,
you call romance.
Quite different flowers grow indeed
in my small semantic garden ... -
so, let us see, if your good vow
is more than just some chemical imbalance.
Is it worth the air you breathe,
or will it be just another waste of time with you?
What I call “Love, precious and true”,
would you refer to this as sin,
or crime and all that silly crap?
Now, let me put you to the test:

How often have I heard these words:
“I love you so much, dearest dear,
that I would die for you, right now, right here!”
Sure, doing this they’re sitting pretty,
but I say: piss on it,
because this way is far too easy !!!

But: do you also have the strength
to be there for me till the end?
Would you have courage, live for me,
respect my wishes, my decree?
Would you defend me against the world,
fight the doctors playing God,
slap your priests, if they came near,
or anyone who interferes ?!?

Is the version of your Love as true,
that you would use all means within your power
just to meet the urgent plea,
that solemn, final wish for dying
of a helpless her or him,
who lies in pain, who’s suffering,
now only begging for the end ... –
is your “Love” that of a true friend?

If I lay crying in my bed,
waiting, no longing for the end,
if I decide my time has come,
would you then be that trustful one
to guard this chamber, break this shell,
and free me from this living hell
by making sure my death is swift.
Would you grant me that sacred gift ?!?

(Blessed is the flower
that grows in the night,
blessed the poison
that helps you to die.
Blessed the guidance
of the loyal friend,
blessed is she,
who brings the end)

Now that you’ve heard it, let me know:
Are you then willing to let go ?!?
Say: would you do all this for me,
would you respect my wishes, my dignity?

Because that’s what LOVE means to me !!!

Anna-Varney Cantodea

4 comentários:

Jade disse...

What can I say!
"Would you grant me that sacred ... ?!?"
And let me in?
a kiss

Afonso Sade disse...

Hum... não é fácil.


felipe disse...

why did you change the lyrics?

"Can I trust you, mortal boy?..." That's the correct lyric.

Afonso Sade disse...

I know that, but it only as meaning, for me, if that litle word as another sex.