quarta-feira, 16 de abril de 2008

Just... be

Pain and deep fear
Hostage in an ancient rage between people torn by their ideals
Willing to die, willing to kill
Hopeless and blind in their world where innocence dies

I cry, I fall
I love, I hate
I know many, though no face ever stays
I breathe, I fly
I kill, I die
Though there’s nothing that I know
No-one can recall where I have been or who I was

And then we see them running
See the world is watching this
And we can only try to understand what causes it
And then we see the living
See then crying for their dead
Are we the ones to understand how crazy pain can get

This could be the end of all reason, the inner mirror reveals
There's more beyond what you're sure of, the fantasy of dreams
It's always there, the only emotion we all seem to keep down
There, still exploring dimensions
There is more, only everything

Come join this inner wonderland
Come let every emotion stand
To be right under your command
To let out fantasies
To change them into mysteries
Where time loses all memories
To luck and bitter agony
Re-live your daydreams awake
So join the magic of your life
Just dare to take the inner drive
To see it's only everything you can be doing tonight

Jump in the box, and here I am
You're favourite mirror and your only honest reflection and your guide
I am you deepest fear, the one you'll always hear
I am the devil in disguise, I am your dream
I am the sneaky connection to your most devlish reflection
The scary imagination of the real you

I represent what you deny
You're never scared so why are you running away
from the temptation of my words
Oh you don't know what I could do for you
Or I could put you through..
And you don't really understand that only fear leads this game

Face your demons
Hear that inner voice
It calls, it cries for you
Just listen well
I'm the one who'll tell terrifying, scary, dreadful tales

You'd better listen
That's some free advice
So what scares you the most
Let me know, be a good host
I want to tell you how your fear looks and how to play this game

War is breaking loose, it cannot be stopped
Cars are racing by and you're getting crushed
Friends are dying slow with a lot of pain
You just fear it all

Bleeding from a wound that you cannot see
And you're seeing things that can never be
God is not made up and he wants revenge
You just fear it all
You just fear, you can only fear
Face your demons

So did you know that all your memories
Color all you'll ever be in a dark and misty cloud that I am floating on
I'm still the voice that speaks inside your head
The demon under your bed
I'm still the one who haunts your soul with devilish lust for fright

Face your demons
Hear that inner voice
It calls, it cries for you
Just listen well
I'm the one who'll tell terrifying, scary, dreadful tales

Floor Jansen

3 comentários:

...Ju... disse...

"Face your demons"

é complicado... mto complicado...


sinhã, a. disse...

Equilibra: o anjo e o demónio. :-)

Afonso Sade disse...

...ju... isso é o que tu pensas. Enfrenta-os... ;)

sinhã: o problema é a persuasão do demónio... ;)