terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2007

Solar Soul

Go if you want to know
What's behind those hills
Run if you want to catch
What's waiting there for you
Walk through another door
...on another floor
Learn how to get across
If you want to come through

Look for the missing link
Between your dreams
And reality
Find it, it is the key
The quest is never-ending
But you keep on growing
Paradise is at hand
You're born in, you're born with
But still searching for it
In your head is the promised land
September's sun welcomes you home
You've followed the road leading to new Rome
Sky is open wide like father's arms
Ship's sinking in your mother's tears
How I wish that I could take you by the hand
Lead you through blurry views and
Give you access to your own self
Souvenirs have their own language
Distances aren't what they seem
When you're on your own you're never alone
Phantoms of the past are still haunting the place
In a big city, in a foreign land
Learning life again
Walking on the western ground
Not embedded in stone but engraved in our hearts
Not written in a book but alive in our souls
Behind the veil of life, beyond the look of eyes
Fragmented in light but united in us

Been around the world searching for something new
But much of what we've learned we already knew
In every country, in every city
The responsibility of our hegemony
Paramount to every new start,
Past is the fuel we'll burn to go on
Fire in the head and peace in the heart
Cores of our souls are ready to take on
Tantamount to the art of climbing,
Life is a trek that takes us higher
Panoramic view of understanding
Coalescence of spirit and matter
Travelling at the speed of light
Shining bright out of the darkest night
A chain of events meshed in a present
Surfing on the waves
Echoing the past
What travelled for ages
Will be read at last

I guess something in me knew more than I could understand
Maybe all that I waited for was waiting for me
Living a whole life every single day
Walking on golden way

Samael - 2007

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