domingo, 11 de fevereiro de 2007

I Love My Misery

We are not the same we are different kinds
And you think I’m going down
You are so right it’s the way I am
And I love my way
You believe in your fate in religious lies
No I can’t see the light
I don’t wanna feel it I don’t wanna know
Words that make you down

In some twisted way.. I love my misery

Every second of the day
Everything that you do
You’re afraid that
They don’t love your way

Can’t you see what they’re doing to you
You have to let it go

Close your eyes just one time
See the world with my eyes
Can’t you see
I’m just too fool to die
I’m the one you should not care
As I love my misery

You will give your life, you will give your soul
And you think that you’re so fine
Its artificial feeling an illusion of life
Sailing in that ship of fools
I'd rather be alone I'd rather drown in your eyes
Now you can’t see the light
You’re growing sadness deep inside of you
And you try to hide it

Please let me show.. how to love my misery

You can’t change the way I am
I fall every day
In some twisted way.. I love my misery

I love misery
I love my misery
Just too fool to die.

New Dawn Foundation - Moment Of Clarity - I Love My Misery
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