sábado, 16 de setembro de 2006


Not here - not now
Not with me and
Not with a single tear of mine
There is no pain
There won't be no fear
This is my last goodbye
Cause I won't die

Not here - not now
No regrets
It was just another lesson in my life
I close the door
I clean my own place
This is my last goodbye
Don't take this love
Please don't stock on this romance
There is that much history
There is that much to learn
How can we do all the same mistakes again
And no-one cares
Fascinating to grow old
It's fascinating to be born
Fascinating to decide
And sometimes even to be right

Here I stand alone
And now I say goodbye
I leave this place - with a smile
And with my breathing –
Sometimes bleeding –
Not unuseful soul
I'm leaving this society
But not my body nor soul

Right here - right now
With no regrets
I say goodbye
I am a King
And I will rule my life!
And when you fail
You seem to swallow
Everything that comes to you
And if you fall I am the one
Who takes you by his hand
In a dream I saw the world beyond - no tongues telling lies
The silence was covering everything inside
In a dream I saw myself - fallen down next to me
Couldn't crawl back inside my body

No laughter on my face - reality mirrored in the deep signs of life
Too long sacrificed my feelings to the ones
Who take all 'till there's nothing in the end

I'm not in my aim - I've gotta love also the other half of me
To reach the Turning point
As only in my dreams I'm my biggest enemy
So much time I spent - not knowing myself
Too much love I'd given for everyone but nothing for me
My light was burning 'till the end

Now you showed me that two full halves make a stronger one
Also out of me and I feel the strength
Returning into me I new-found love again

Couldn't have been fighting alone
Thank you for hearing me on time
I bless you for the trust you gave
When I didn't admit being weak

I am close to my aim truly hoping
I won't fail
Before I reach The turning point
Where I’m no longer the same

Didn't notice me change
Was not living the days without names
O found my aim - now I can face myself


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0_O disse...

..já há uns tempos que passo por aqui e quando li este post fiquei curiosa para ouvir Lacrimosa e só há uns dias atrás é q finalment consegui..e valeu mt apena esta musica para alem d ter uma letra excelent é mt porreira d s ouvir..mt obg;)..(dsclp so comentar um mês depois mas foi msm complicado encontrar a musica..)

kiss kiss